Meinhardt is one of the world's few multidisciplinary and truly integrated engineering, infrastructure and project management consulting firms.



The Meinhardt Group has had a presence in the Philippines since the 1980s. The establishment of a fully-staffed, permanent office in 1996 recognised the growing potential of Meinhardt within the Philippines.

Meinhardt (Philippines), with the full support of the Meinhardt Group, provides clients with the full spectrum of engineering consultancy services. We offer total project management or specific individual services, as required. Our mix of expatriate and local engineers and technicians, backed by the Meinhardt Group's wealth of expertise and experience, ensures clients have the best of both worlds: latest trends and technology combined with local knowledge.

"Every project is different. Every project offers new challenges and demands fresh attention. I think that's what makes Meinhardt different. Although we use the experience we've gained from other jobs, we don't try to impose solutions that may not fit."

Ferdinand Naniong, Managing Director, Meinhardt (Philippines)