Ravi River






Lahore Development Authority (LDA)


Project Management, Principal Consultant and Technical Advisor

The multi-billion Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project is a landmark project presently undertaken by Meinhardt for transforming the urban areas of Punjab province.

Meinhardt team’s expert solutions are devised to break through the key challenges faced by the project, namely; the dying Ravi River’s development into a perennial freshwater body, attracting investors for high quality riverfront urban development, and meeting the scope of work defined by Pakistan’s Prime Ministerial Client and Lahore Development Authority. Ravi riverfront urban development will be made successful with careful measures designed to maintain the river’s water flow at certain level, alleviating flooding and improving the river water quality through river training, dredging, construction of barrages, weirs and water bodies – to temporarily store excess surface water, and the introduction of wastewater treatment to prevent raw wastewater being directly discharged into the Ravi River. The execution of Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model is sought as the best solution for the project implementation and management.